My Misadventure with Walden Farms Dressing

In March 2003, I had an unfortunate encounter with a bottle of Walden Farms brand Creamy Bacon Dressing with soy protein. It did disturbing things like increase greatly in volume after only an hour out of the fridge.

Update - 18 June 2004

I have been contacted by Dr. Brian Sherwood of Walden Farms, who explained that a warehouse didn't properly store the dressing, and so it fermented. He pointed out that I had mistakenly identified the product with their Atkins line of products (my bottle was fat-free, I think, not Carb-free), and asked me to remove the picture of fermented dressing.

This makes a lot of sense, especially since they've discontinued the product. My mom has very successfully dieted using Walden Farms Low-Carb products.

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