Kenmore Sabbath Mode

Here is how to set and unset Sabbath mode on our Kenmore (Sears) Model #665.72133300  free standing range/oven.

Disclaimer This is not an endorsement of Kenmore products nor the notion of using any appliances on Shabbat nor yomtov. In fact, I only really use this feature on (i.e., before) yomtov. Your mileage may vary, consult your local halachic authority, etc.

Note that Kenmore is very much a 20th century company.  There is no way to get a user guide online for any but this week's model products.  This can be a source of great frustration twenty minutes before Yomtov when you want to determine what the secret incantation is to turn on sabbath mode.  GE seems to be much more on the ball about web technology, maybe we should buy their ovens in the future.  Maybe this difference in technical savvy correlates with the fact that Kenmore does not make Jet Engines, Nuclear Reactors nor MRIs, the way GE does.

First time initialization: Arming Sabbath mode

This step is necessary to "arm" Sabbath mode, and need never be done again. This step is reversible.
  1. open the oven door
  2. hit bake.
  3. hold down the "hour up" and "Hour down" buttons for ten seconds.
  4. the oven should show SAb On 
  5. hit "start" to accept the change.

Disarming Sabbath Mode

To disarm sabbath mode,  follow the same procedure. The message will read SAb Off, hit "start" to accept the change.

Engaging Sabbath Mode

Once armed, sabbath mode is engaged as follows:
  1. set the oven on in the mode you want.  Say, Bake at 350.  So get the oven running at 350 (no need to wait for the pre-heat to finish)
  2. then hold down "timer off" for 5 seconds.
  3. the display should say "Sab"

Disengaging Sabbath Mode

To Disengage sabbath mode:
  1. hold down "timer off" for 10 seconds. 

More about Sabbath Mode

Once in Sabbath mode, the display will show "Sab On" and not make any further sounds or display changes.  The oven light will not come on.  The automated 6[?] hour cut-off of the oven is disengaged. 

Changing temperature

Hold down the code Buttons below for 1 sec and then hit "start" e.g.:  to set the oven temp to 350,  Hold down "Hour ^" for 1 sec then hit start.  There will be no feedback.  The temperature change will happen randomly within the next few minutes.

Temp °F
Code Button
175 Bake
200 Broil
250 Clean
300 Delay
350 Hour ^
375 Min ^
400 Timer Set
450 Oven Light

There is no broil or clean option when in sabbath mode.

It's not entirely clear that "sabbath mode" can be used profitably on Shabbat. The fact that it disengages the oven light when the door is opened holds some promise...

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