Fun with electricity!
scary story about the introduction of tv
I have just run the Windows Remote Desktop client on my OS X box at home, and it's a little vertigo-inducing
Need to turn on Sabbath mode on your Kenmore oven? Here's how
For geeks only: Best Quotes about XML in 2003
So what if they tore down a beautiful building? The new Penn Station has this!
Images of the big fires out west. They're just the best source of reliable information about urban legend. Next time someone sends you a really unusual picture, (like this), vet it first with snopes.
Permissive Action Links
Prehistory of Public-Key Crypto
Why we must stamp out paperless voting machines.
Project Censored Time to take news into our own hands.
Conway's Game of Life excellent applets, and links to the turing machine
Great Images In n NASA
My view of the WTC Memorial from the Bronx.
Feynman's Appendix To the Shuttle Rogers Report
The Fight
The most impressive use of flash I've seen.
Explore the world of mathematics
Terraserver is a project of Microsoft.  This has crossed the line from cool into scary.  You can read about it here.  Basically they've put good satellite imagery into an online browser.  Ever read  Ringworld?  Remember the Map Room?
Memes & countermemes Godwin explains Godwin's Law
People eventually resort to Nazi-comparison as an argument progresses.
The secret recipe to mom's zucchini soup.
The KnotPlot Site-- Rob Scharein's Knot drawing software
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Pobox -- lifetime email addresses.
Plan9 -- A reeeely impressive OS from the guys who brought you UNIX. (Ritchie, Pike, etc)
Ten Commandments for C Programmers